Friday, July 29, 2011

Handmade Pasta Take One

There are certain rules to being a good wife, she must cook, clean, be a best friend, yada yada yada. I try to be all of those but I seem to fall short sometimes. Does that make me less of a wife? Nah, at least I am trying!...right? I love looking for new things to spice up our weekly dinners, and I usually succeed. Well...SOMETIMES! My newest adventure in the world of wifely duties was to impress my husband with some fresh homemade pasta. I purchased all the fancy attachments to my Kitchen-Aide, I looked up all the Home-made Pasta recipes, and I got all of the ingredients. READY, SET....
1 Cup All-Purp Flour, 2 Cups Cake Flour,  4 Egg Yolks, 1/4cup of evoo,
Salt, and Water.

  Everything Seemed to be going great!. The Dough went together like nothing.
Tip: Make sure to use a well floured surface. Once kneaded, wrap in plastic wrap and put in fridge for 30min

I must admit, I did not heed well to my last tip. I tried to rush the cooling process by placing the dough in the freezer for only about 10 min. I was way too impatient, I wanted to get the process started. I think that's were I went wrong!!
As I put the dough threw the machine I noticed that it was getting a bit too soft. Especially for the
spaghetti settings. I decided to try using the lasagna setting, with the hopes of making more "pasta ribbons" than spaghetti.
Tip: Make sure to keep in fridge for the WHOLE 30 min!

By this time I could see the hunger in my husbands eyes. I kept my cool and acted as if nothing was going wrong. "Yeah hunny this looks GREAT!..Yummy!" At this point I thought there was hope in site. The machine was working fine, and the pasta was coming out the way it should. But, it I still wasn't convinced it was coming out right. 

By the look of this picture you are probably thinking that things look pretty good. Well, you're WRONG
Somewhere along the way something went south, and I am still not sure what.

At this time I was in a bit of a panic. The pasta was boiling but it looked more like mashed potatoes than fresh fluffy pasta. Giada would be pissed that her recipe turned out this bad!!! The background song "Hungry Eyes" was playing as I saw my husband slowly approach the pot and to his surprise this is what he saw....


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